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This site is for you who collect coin or paper money and are interested in History. Our aim is sharing with you our passion for numismatics. We would be delighted if this web site could provide you useful information, helps you to discover new fields of coin collecting or paper money collecting and allows you to enrich your collection.

Coin collecting : so many exciting fields

Since 2500 years, coins are privileged testimonies of History. They tell us about Alexander the Great or Cleopatra, about roman conquests or Crusades, about Cromwell or Napoleon, about French Revolution or World War I.

And for that, you just have to look closely at various items such as coins of course, but also jetons (or tokens), medals, bank notes or French assignats. There are so many ways of payment, struck or printed in the past, which are still surviving for our greatest interest!

A large range of studies to understand numismatics

You will find various studies about ancient and modern coins, paper money, tokens… They are mostly in French but as often as we can, we try to give you a summary in English . We also try to present relevant pictures to illustrate these studies, and these don’t need to be translated…

An easy way of enriching your collection

You may find in our site genuine items you scarcely see in your own country. And sometimes they may be far cheaper here too! So, please have a look at our stores. We gladly ship items worldwide and we provide you secure way of payment.

Enjoy your visit and please feel free to give us your commentaries: they will help us to improve the site.