Some of you may ask why Almanumis ?

It is because Numismatics is the «Alma mater» or «nourishing mother» of every coins, tokens or paper money collector. In a modern sense, coin collecting is also the University where each of us is taught about History!

The present website has been worked out by some friends, all deeply interested in numismatics. Each participated in his fields of competence but the common goal was to provide you valuable information and means of increasing your collection.

Almanumis project’s leader is Gerard Krebs, specialist in ancient coins and specifically oriental ones. He began his career in the ‘80s as coin dealer in Paris. He later dealt with other professional activities and eventually returned to numismatics, a few years ago.

Where can you meet us?

We work mostly on internet which is the easiest way to reach worldwide coin and paper money collectors. But if you have an opportunity to come to Paris for the big coin fairs such as Palais Brongniart’s, you can meet Gerard Krebs there. The fairs which he is attending are advertised in the home page: «last minute» column.

Professional reference

Gerard Krebs is an officially registered dealer # 497 861 450 RCS Nîmes